Do Your Part!

Step 1

Contact Nintendo of America’s customer service department via webform and mention that sent you! Listed further down this page are some sample letters that you may wish to use (some may require customisation).

Step 2

Contact Nintendo of Japan via webform and mention that sent you! (Here’s the webform translation).

Step 3

Contact other Nintendo branches:

Step 4

Call, fax, and snail mail:

  • Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Nintendo of Japan)
    11-1 Kamitoba hokotate-cho, Minami-ku
    Kyoto 601-8501, Japan
    Phone: +81-75-662-9600
    Fax: +81-75-662-9620
  • Nintendo of America
    PO Box 957
    Redmond, WA 98073
    Phone: 800-255-3700
    Fax: 800-447-8362
  • Nintendo of Canada
    #110-13480 Crestwood Place
    Richmond BC
    V6V 2J9

Step 5

Tell your friends about this site!

Sample letters

I don’t own an HDTV, but I do own a computer monitor! (submitted by Andrew O)

Short and to the point

Long, from a lifelong Nintendo fan (submitted by The-IGN-Man)

Medium length, from an HDTV owner (submitted by kokirikory)

“Don’t ignore the HDTV market” (submitted by C-Lee)

“Do you see a pattern here?” (submitted by Kosmo)

Short one, fan since Coleco (submitted by mioumboy)

Good one, pretty long (submitted by supernick)

“I’ve started playing some games on other consoles” (submitted by Swope)

“With deep sadness” (submitted by Ramy M)

Die-hard Nintendo fan, owns all Nintendo consoles and only Nintendo (submitted by Dan B)

“it’ll continually be used as a stigma” (submitted by Infinitywave)